Activated Charcoal Deodorant Small

Native Spirit Oils

Activated Charcoal Deodorant Small

At Native spirit Oils we are very proud of our deodorant ranges, the Honey Myrtle and Activated Charcoal. Hand making organic deodorants that work is tricky business. Over the years we have spoken with many people who just could not find one that actually works. We have been working very hard on our deodorant range for three years now. We don't use any bi-carb in our deodorants as we understand for some people it can act as an irritant. Our Honey Myrtle Deodorant is made using only the finest Honey Myrtle Melalueca E Oil grown and distilled in Western Australia

We both use our deodorants but I (Tania) have had a lot of problem with break through sweat and I can't recommend enough the "firm" Honey Myrtle Deodorant which I use with great confidence now. We definitely recommend starting with a small size deodorant to see if that works for you, if you do find you have break through sweat you can then move up to the "firm" which we feel somewhat blocks the ducts temporarily to prevent the break through sweat

We are endeavoring now to incorporate the Activated charcoal deodorant into a firm also

At Native Spirit Oils we have created a deodorant using Activated Charcoal as its the best ingredient for neutralising odours

This recipe has no Bi-Carb or Baking Soda so as to cater for those with sensitive skin or a reaction to Bi-Carb

This is a non staining recipe that smells heavenly and works! 


Coconut Wax
Carnauba Wax
Ceteryl Alcohol
Activated Charcoal
Bentonite Clay
Coconut Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Cacao Butter
Floral Waters
Milk Of Magnesium
Citric Acid
Cypress Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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