Bugs and Bites

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Bugs and Bites

At Native Spirit Oils we have created a fantastic Bugs and Bites Balm made with Rosalina Essential Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil almost by accident definitely by default

It is extremely gentle as Rosalina Melaleuca Essential Oil is one of the gentlest essential oils you can use and yet it is very powerful, its just a great marriage of anti-bacterial and toxin and poison cleansing blends we know of

It actually came to our attention through a customer as it is the same recipe as the Orange Myrtle Lip Balm. A lovely lady told us she used her lip balm on a bite she had and it cleared it immediately. We have since used it on tick, sand fly and bee stings and it is amazing, she was right

It feels beautiful due to the Abyssinian Oil and Camellia Oil, both adding a lot of moisture and condition of the skin in the affected area

This recipe is fantastic for kids skin, please research the beautiful WA grown Rosalina Essential Oil, it is one of the gentlest E Oils for children's skin and yet has very powerful capabilities of healing

A fantastic addition to an all natural first aid kit



Coconut Wax
Shea Butter
Abyssinian Oil
Camellia Oil
Vitamin Essential Oil
Rosalina Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil

We also sell Rosalina Essential Oil in its pure form for diffusing which can help with children's restfulness and sleeping, there is a reference at the bottom of the link for more information on Rosalina Essential Oil


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