Clary Sage Essential Oil

Native Spirit Oils

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Botanical Name - salvia sclarea

Origin - Bulgaria

Plant Part - Flowers

Distillation Process - Steam Distillation

Grade - Therapeutic

Use - 10 - 15 drops in your Diffuser, Melter or Oil Burner

Dilution for use rule of thumb is one drop to one teaspoon

The linking of a particular smell to an emotional state is known as neuro-associative conditioning, a technique that can be used to activate your inner pharmacy and increase your body's healing response. For example, if each time you sit to meditate you diffuse an essential oil, you’ll soon learn to associate the feeling of relaxation with that aroma

Clary Sage Benefits

  • Anti-depressant – Eases depression
  • Anti-convulsant – Reduces or prevents the severity of convulsions
  • Antispasmodic – Relieves the spasms of the involuntary muscles
  • Aphrodisiac – Helps increase the libido
  • Digestive – Aids in a healthy digestion
  • Emmenagogue – Increases or stimulates the menstrual flow
  • Deodorant – Removes unpleasant smell or bad odour
  • Astringent – Helps in the contraction of the skin cells and bodily tissues
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces swelling, pain, and redness
  • Analgesic – Helps in relieving pain
  • Antiepileptic – Helps in the treatment of epilepsy
  • Hypotensive – Lowers the blood pressure
  • Euphoric – Increases the mood of happiness or helps emit the happy hormones

At NSO we use Clary Sage Oil in our Melaleuca Scalp Treatment, Paramao Sportz Eze, Mediterranean Roll On and Diffuser Blend, Chakra Third Eye and our famous Rosalina Relieve



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