Heel Balm

Native Spirit Oils


At Native Spirit Oils we have created a Heel Balm that may assist in relieving dry cracked heels and assist with peeling away dead skin layers from feet. this fantastic product has the amazing Honey Myrtle Essential Oil grow and distilled down south in Western Australia.

This product may also assist with boils, corns and warts on the feet area due to its strong does of WA grown Honey Myrtle Essential Oil and the amazing Thuja Essential Oil. A fantastic addition to an all natural first aid kit

VEGAN ALERT! this product is vegan friendly


Candela Wax
Coconut Wax
Carnauba Wax
Cacao Butter
Grapeseed Oil
Safflower Oil
Coconut Oil
Salycilic Acid
Urea (Lab made from natural ingredients)
Thuji Essential Oil
Honey Myrtle Essential Oil
Helychrisum Essential Oil
Lime Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil

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