Hemp Lip Balm

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Hemp Lip Balm

At NSO we developed the Hemp lip balm for two reasons. One was that we have met many people searching for a lip balm for a family member or friend doing chemo as it dries the lips and yet on chemo people are scent sensitive. so we had to consider the healing and moisture without the pretty smells. The other reason was just because many people dont like scented lip balms and prefer something more subtle.

This the only lip balm in the range that doesn't have the Abyssinian Oil and Camelia Oil in the recipe. We have taken them out and replaced completely with Hemp Seed Oil.

This lip balm can heal dry lips, licking disorders, clear cold sores and can keep your lips moist looking and soft. It tastes lovely as well. If you love lip balms, you will love this one and certainly consider for anyone doing chemo. 


Shea Butter
Coconut Wax
Hemp Seed Oil


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