Magnesium Oil Spray

Native Spirit Oils


Our home made Magnesium Spray is a high concentration of Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes (from the black sea) Distilled Water used to spray on the feet for easing of cramps and improved sleep

 We handmake our Magnesium Oil very strong so you will notice a difference in cramping and sleeping

You  can spray on  tummy for a magnesium boost to assist with tummy cramping eg period pains

The body has over 300 uses for Magnesium, one of the most important contributions from Magnesium is a sleep aid, it triggers sleep. Basically if you cramp from the knees to the toes anywhere and cannot sleep you are most likely very low on Magnesium

Low Magnesium has shown to have an influence on mental health and also the condition of the skin 

We recommend spraying the top and bottom of your feet just letting it soak in 1/2 hour before bedtime for a good nights sleep

Good doses can prevent sore feet in the morning when you get up and start walking around

Magnesium is great for muscle aches and pains as it breaks down the calcium that is stored in our soft tissue, it may also help with nerve damage and can speed up recovery of repetitive strain injury

More recently scientific tests have proven that taking magnesium through the skin delivers magnesium straight to the cells that need it, taking your magnesium orally can cause you to lose greater amounts and many say it makes them feel a little sick in the tummy

Taking spray form may eliminate these issues


Magnesium Chloride (Handmade strong at the NSO studio)
Distilled Water

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