Native Love Roll On

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Native Love Roll On

At NSO we have created the Native Love Roll On for to help open up the Heart Chakra and "feel" the love. At NSO we really do care about peoples spiritual well being as well as their  physical health

A blend to help everyone in the household be more loving, feel the love and give the love. At NSO we often say you have to "love the love" You will see people respond to the smell when they smell it

The linking of a particular smell to an emotional state is known as neuro-associative conditioning, a technique that can be used to activate your inner pharmacy and increase your body's healing response. For example, if each time you sit to meditate you diffuse an essential oil, you’ll soon learn to associate the feeling of relaxation with that aroma

Roll onto pressure points, chakra areas, temples, wrists, tummy or feet

We also do the Native Love in a Diffuser Blend for your Diffusers, Melters and Oil Diffusers

Native Love Roll On Benefits


Honey Myrtle Essential Oil
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil
Jasmin Attar Oil 
Lavender Essential Oil 
Sweet Orange Essential Oil 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil  
Patchouli Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil 
Junipberry Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential



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