Toothpaste White

Native Spirit Oils

Toothpaste White

At Native Spirit Oils we have created a Natural Toothpaste that resembles  supermarket toothpaste in texture and flavour without the nasties

If you have struggled with natural toothpaste or feel natural toothpaste would be to different to use, then this toothpaste may be for you

The White Toothpaste may assist with the whitening of the teeth as well as healing ulcers and gum disease. You may notice a big difference in your breath using natural toothpaste, it may clean more bacteria away which in turn leaves fresher breath


Ceteryl Alcohol
Coconut Milk (Handmade)
Cacao Butter
Coconut Oil
Floral Waters
Bloodroot Powder
Bentonite Clay
Trace Minerals
Chocolate Mint Essential Oil
Spearmint Essential Oil 
Peppermint Essential Oil

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